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Coaching facilitates the exploration of needs, motivations, skills and thought processes to assist you in making lasting changes in your life. It supports you using questioning techniques to facilitate your own thought processes, enabling you to identify solutions and actions. Additionally, appropriate goals will be collaboratively agreed and progress will be reviewed against these goals.

There are many similarities between the Coaching process and the therapeutic process. The key theoretical underpinnings, models and techniques found their origins in the field of psychology, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. The key difference is that Coaching does not seek to resolve the deeper underlying issues that are the cause of serious problems like poor motivation or low self-esteem. It is more concerned with the practical issues of setting goals and achieving results within specific time scales. Coaching is generally appropriate when you are feeling psychologically aware and do not require a therapeutic intervention. However, if you become ‘stuck’ and are not able to achieve your goals, a psychological intervention may be helpful.